Celine Ostrich Boogie Bag???

  1. Hi Ladies, I've been drooling over the most delightful Blue Ostrich Boogie bag in their store window for the past week, and need some help deciding...would you splurge so much on a Celine Boogie bag (US$3,900)? For those who own the ostrich version, is it lighter than the leather version (should be I would presume), and is it easy to take care of (e.g. rain, stains etc)? Do you get a lot of mileage out of it (enough to justify the splurge)? Or would you spend that money on say Hermes or LV instead? Any advice out there? :nuts:
  2. I prefer spending that money on LV:yes:
  3. with almost 4K, definitely spend it on an Hermes bag...
  4. Thanks Ladies, what you say makes sense...I just need that little push in the right direction...guess I won't be heading to Celine this weekend :smile:
  5. 3900??? go for hermes, girl!
  6. Hermes
  7. All right all right, I hear ya, I need to go to the same mall tomorrow for some errands, definitely gonna skirt the Celine store so I won't be tempted again. I've been obsessing on that Boogie for too long :sad: I did think Hermes, maybe will end up getting a few scarves instead and use part of that money to make a small donation to SPCA too - saving the little animals will be more meaningful than indulging in my whims for another bag :smile: