Celine or Givenchy????

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Celine micro luggage or Givenchy antigona?

  1. Celine micro luggage

  2. Givenchy antigona

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  1. Hi everyone! I love both Celine and Givenchy's bags and I need help deciding which bag I should buy. I am deciding between a Celine micro luggage in either black, navy, or ink or a Givenchy antigona bag in black. Even though both bags are amazing, which bag do you think is better to buy? Thanks!:smile:
  2. I think both bags are gorgeous however value wise Antigona bag does not hold its value at all. Every season Antigona bags are on sale for 25% to 30% off.
    Just a fact you should keep in your mind if you sell your bags.
    I personally would purchase the micro luggage.
  3. I would go for Micro. But Ant is a lovely bag and you can find them on sale or for a good price on ebay.
  4. Micro for me! I've been eyeing on the black one too. ❤️
  5. I have both... a smooth micro Celine and a small shiny smooth Givenchy Antigona. They are used in different occassions but are used when I need a black/gold purse. I use my Antigona when I want to be a little more edgy, the Celine a little more minimalist. I really love the Givenchy Antigona's shape etc plus Givenchys are so well made, but yes, definitely has less resale value. Givenchys are easier to find and definitely cheaper, however, I tend to see less people with the Antigona then the Celine. Maybe it is just me or maybe there are more people with Celine/Celine knockoffs. Also, I feel like since with my Celine I am always trying to be overly careful, that I am going to get a new scratch since it is smooth leather.
  6. Does the luggage scratch easily?
  7. It depends of how well you look after your bags. My drummed mini from '11 hasn't got a single scratch to it. Drummed leather is more prone to scratches than smooth leather. My croc phantom from '12 has got some small scratches on the bottom, but nothing to worry about. I tend to baby my bags but I do wear them a lot. Hope this helps!
  8. Thanks!
  9. Celine
  10. You asked in a Celine forum. Nuff said
  11. I have both and love both. I agree with the others who say Celine holds its value better. My micro apparently now retails for $700 more whereas I found my antigona on sale. Celine is more popular and prevalent/easily recognizable which may be good or bad depending on what you prefer. The Antigona may be more timeless---I don't know; I do hope the luggages will not look outdated down the road.

    In terms of the bags themselves, I love how easy it is to get into/out of the micro and everything is so easy to find. For the Antigona, the opening is narrower, and it's harder to see what's inside. However, having the shoulder strap is handy, although I don't usually use it.