Celine Newbie!


New Member
Jul 16, 2020
Hi everyone!!
I am brand new to the purse forum and to Celine!

I am so excited I am about to purchase my first pre-loved Celine bag and first Celine bag in general! She is a BEAUTY! :smile:
Can anyone help me with how to get it authenticated? I have only been on Fashionphile and Yoogi's Closet because I hear that is what's best, but it still makes me nervous! i just want to make sure it's real. Is that weird? Should I just purchase it and assume it's real? What do you think?
Any and all input is VERY appreciated!!! Thank you so much!


Jan 4, 2020
Hi! Have you ready purchased your Celine? I own the Celine Classic Box bag and it is one of my all time favorite bags! I believe Vestiaire Collective has an authentication service (one my previous purchases purchases did not go through because the item did not pass VC’s checks). I have not purchased from Fashionphile but they are reputable and have many good reviews.