Celine newbie here- should I get a trapeze or luggage?

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  1. I need some Celine advice. This will be my first Celine and I need info from you Celine experts!

    I am interested in purchasing either a luggage or a trapeze...but that is where I get stuck. Here are my requirements.

    First and foremost, most have staying power. Classic shapes and aesthetic is what I am after. Other bags I own are Ysl sac de jour, fendi 2jours, Chanel flap, Prada saffiano double zip etc

    I am a business professional so it must look professional. Not young and trendy.

    I don't baby my bags so it has to be "fuss free"

    Secure closure. I have my share of open top bags.

    Thoughts? I am considering a luggage in navy but haven't picked a color for the trapeze option....
  2. Bump. No one?
  3. Both the trapeze and the luggage have iconic Celine looks and I'd find it hard to say whether they will have staying power. They seem to have done so far so probably will but who can say for sure? You do have other classic bags so I think a Celine would be good for your collection. I am for some reason not a fan of the larger luggage size i.e. the mini but do really like the micro and that has a zip closure. Trapeze is also very classy and closes on the top. I'd lean towards the trapeze as it has a long strap so you can wear it on the shoulder. Also I love how it looks on others.
    I have the phantom (love it!) but it has an open top but that has never really bothered me. I also have a nano which is very practical and lightweight.
  4. trapeze

    but the box is the most classic and what i think will have the longest staying power.
  5. I nuch prefer the luggage than the trapeze (I'm not liking the wings on it), but in terms of staying power I'd have to day either box or mini belt would be the better options. Both bags are very suitable for business attire.

    My next bag will be a nano and i find that the luggage style is more casual and everyday type of look.

  6. I think a micro luggage would be a good fit based on your requirements. I also have a mini luggage and sometimes it's a pain to carry cuz the handbag itself iis so heavy.....I have to be careful to not overload it. I ended up selling my trapeze because it was such a bother to go in/out of it....and out of the two, the the trapeze is a trendy piece IMHO.
  7. I'd go for a luggage as for me I went for a small luggage first myself. I feel like the belt style is taking the way of trapeze. Staying power wise, I guess the box prob is the best option
  8. Trapeze is not a practical bag imo, I have both and have used my luggage almost everyday since I bought it, trapeze comes out every once in a while and quickly I remember what an uneasy bag it is!!

  9. Thank you for that feedback. Very helpful!
  10. I would go for the micro luggage! I have the black micro and I use it frequently. I like the trapeze too but I just sold mine due to the impractical of the clasp and flap so I didn't use it that much, only a couple times since I bough it a year ago!
  11. I would suggest the trapeze in small and luggage micro!
  12. Micro luggage
  13. i got both the trapeze and the shoulder luggage (don't know if they still do it) . I prefer the luggage it fits everything including a small laptop folders etc looks classy and elegant. I love my trapeze but as other members have pointed out, find it a bit uncomfy to wear.
  14. I love that the trapeze comes with longer straps that makes it perfect for trAvelling.
  15. I had the same dilemma (micro luggage vs small trapeze). I ended up choosing a small indigo trapeze and haven't looked back! It's very easy to carry (especially with the strap), very secure, and because it's the small size, I don't have the same open gap issue that otters seem to have with the medium or large.

    Looks wise the trapeze fits my feminine aesthetic more, and I get compliments from both those who know Celine and those who don't.

    At the end of the day it all comes down to personal choice, your wardrobe and the utility of the bag. You can't go wrong with either choice.