CÉLINE Natural Calfskin CLUB

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  1. Hi, I think we already have a few owners of the Natural Calfskin (usually tagged as LCD on the white tags) bags that CÉLINE has offered over the years. Please post pictures of your bags and how it has achieved its patina over time!

    I especially love the 04LU (Luggage), 15KH (Khaki) and also the 10DC (Grey) ones! Let's start the appreciation thread.
  2. Great idea! I don't have mine out right now but I'll post some pics when we go out next.
  3. Here is my Navy 070C


  4. Wow the navy tones are so intense it looks like black, almost. If you have the time, maybe post a photo of it in sunlight so we can all admire the subtle beauty of navy! Really lovely. Is the suede lining a more obvious navy tone?
  5. Yes, it is almost black unless u see the interior.. I will take some pics tomorrow morning so to see the gorgeous deep blue :smile:
  6. Much appreciated! Interesting cos there will be a new Navy for Winter 2013 that almost have a dark brown undertone. The leather would be Satinated Calfskin though...

    Looking forward!
  7. Here are the pics for you! Shots in the sun!



  8. Against a black background to see the navy

  9. :drool:

    I must say, if I didn't already own the phantabulous (get it, :P) grey 10DC phantom, I'd have to get a phan in navy or tan. I love those colors! The burgundy natural calfskin and khaki that cotonblanc shared are divine as well. BTW, can you add the before and after pics of the khaki to this thread, cotonblanc? It is such a great resource for phantom and Celine lovers.
  10. Anyway, here goes my 10DC grey Natural calfskin phantom - Ms. Phan, with some YSL arty 'phangs'.

  11. Can't wait to become a member!!!
  12. Okay! This is the before and after for the 15KH Khaki! Notice how the leather has softened so much so that the bag closes on its own now.
  13. It's glorious. Love how the blue glows when set against black! The suede interior should smell divine! Did you apply any protecting agents on it?
  14. Oo the smell of the suede is indeed divine :smile: I didn't treat the leather nor plan to; I would like it to patina and age gorgeously like my Hermes Barenia. I feel that the plastic/silicone coating will interfere with the aging - just me :smile:
  15. Yes. The khaki one I posted had nothing on it. Think it turned out pretty fine!