Celine Nano Strap

  1. Anyone has got prob with the nano strap?
    its too long for me even when i were to cross body.
    Well.. i m rather petite thou, only standing at 155cm.

    What shut i do with it? shorten it or is there any less invasive way?
    Experts plzzz help!! :help:
  2. You could knot it like the Proenza Schouler PS II bag. Or you can have it shortened. I've had straps done and it's no big deal.
  3. the leather strap seems stiff, i will try knotting it. =)

    Dear TPF-ers, any more suggestion?
  4. perhaps you can find a bag repair shop and get it shortened. i do not think i'll like a bulky tied up knot on top of the shoulder

    i have seen master fix (the cobbler) at paragon basement and ion (cannot remember which level, i've not been there for over a year) fix bags before and i'm sure they can shorten the strap for you.
  5. Hey.. Thanks for sharing, m going to paragon later!
  6. maybe you can use twillies, thats what i did to my nano
  7. Do share if it worked or not.
  8. How do you shorten it with twillies? can you show? thanks:smile:
  9. I just bought a nano but it does not come with a strap...does anyone know where I could buy one? It is pebble black leather.
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    All Nanos (the tiniest smallest style of Luggage) come with a strap. Where did you get yours from?
  11. Are you sure it's a nano? All nanos come with strap.

  12. It came from Neiman Marcus last call...the strap was missing. Does anyone know how much it costs to replace the strap?