Celine nano python

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  1. in love :heart::heart:

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  2. :loveeyes:

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  3. Wow!!! Did you just purchase this one?
  4. Simply Gorgeous! Congrats!
  5. beautiful! :love:
  6. Amazing!! Is this in the electric blue color?
  7. Beautiful scales and love the matte quality of that bright blue! Congratulations. This will be a special piece.
  8. Sooo pweeeeetttyyy!!! Njoy her lots!!!
  9. yes I just got it yesterday! :loveeyes:
  10. Thank you :kiss::heart::heart:

    sorry I don't know the name of the color
  11. wow - absolutely stunning, especially in that color! love it
  12. Thank you ✨💐
  13. the color name is indigo!
  14. Gorgeous!