Celine Nano Luggage

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  1. 97A13A66-FA39-4792-979B-19E550EE12B0.jpeg 5D41A60F-2852-4AE9-BB00-49F6779E3C41.jpeg Torn between these 2 colors... help me decide?

    Main use is casual, maybe even for travel (planes, etc). I originally wanted the dune but am hesitant because it might need more babying. I also have a beige Gucci
    Soho Disco which I use for travelling, which may be redundant.

    Then I saw this beautiful light burgundy which could be a subtle “pop” of color for my mostly neutral wardrobe.

    What are your experiences with wear and tear of these Celine colors, if you own any?
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  2. I have a red nano but haven't used it yet so I can't speak to wear and tear. But I really love the burgundy/raspberry color! If they had it when I bought mine I would have gotten that instead!
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  3. The burgundy is amazing!!! Love the idea of a pop of color with neutrals. It's the type of color you could wear year-round :smile:
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  4. Burgundy is beautiful!
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  5. D5E577B1-9116-420E-B08C-8B2436FCA793.jpeg 42569094-EF3C-4F2D-AEE1-465B2577969F.jpeg I gave this nano in plum to my daughter for Christmas. The lettering isn’t rubbing off - it’s just the lighting.
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  6. Hello,
    Does anyone know if they will discontinued the luggage line? I'm looking for nano size in either Souris or Kohl.
  7. My SA said that they’re keeping the classics (luggage and belt) styles because it’s lamented into the Celine brand. The only thing they are doing is changing the logo which they have already done on the bags.
  8. They won’t. I just got myself a new nano luggage last month. It already came with the new logo :smile:
  9. Thanks for the replies, can someone show me the bag with the new logo? New logo on the nano or new logo on newer styles? Sorry for so many questions. I've owned a luggage in micro in the past, but made the wrong decision with sizing, so this time around I want to be sure before getting myself into it again.
  10. The beige is from my belt bag and the black is the new logo. It’s not drastically different but I still like the old logo more.

  11. 5CE681DD-D4E6-468E-A2DE-4B7C22A09CA9.jpeg
  12. Thank you! Agreed, not a dramatically different, but I much prefer the old logo.