Celine Nano Luggage

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  1. I have the Nano Ink in smooth, but I remember it being available in drummed as well.

    I love the color, would highly recommend. I went in having my heart set on black, but I found it too formal. The ink color is a perfect dark neutral, can transition very easily from formal to casual.
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  2. Love your collection.

    I am obsessed with Celine Nano!!
  3. How heavy is the nano luggage? Kept reading comments that it is on the heavier side... Thanks!
  4. It is not heavy. Nano luggage is my favorite bag. You can carry a lot of stuff in it. I have a Chanel mini and it feels a lot heavier, maybe because of the chain, and I only put my phone and a small wallet in the mini.
  5. Hi there :smile: I'm currently trying to decide to get a nano luggage in kohl or black. How do you like the kohl one? Sometimes the bag look grey and other times light blue. Do you find the color to be versatile and easy to match? Thanks in advance!
  6. I love the color kohl. I don't think the bag looks light blue, I find it a fairly dark gray. I usually wear black, white, grays & navy blues so the color matches great for me :smile: Here's a couple more pics.[
    IMG_1257-1.jpeg IMG_1684-1.jpeg
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  7. Thank you for sending additional pics! It is pretty :heart:
  8. It looks like this thread has died down a bit but I FINALLY but the bullet and bought my first Celine nano luggage. Does anyone have IRL photos of the plum color? I’m impatiently waiting for mine to arrive :smile: [​IMG]
  9. I tried this bag a month ago. It is a beauty!!! I had to resist, because I already have a nano luggage I don’t have pictures of the nano, but I did take a picture of the micro belt and micro luggage in plum. IMG_2916.JPG IMG_2912.JPG
  10. Oooh did you get it from the boutique? I've looked online and I can't find Nano Luggage anywhere anymore, just the other sizes, but no Nano, so I assumed it was discontinued. I'm hoping I was wrong!
  11. I just purchased a nano in black from Saks! I can dm you the name of my sales associate if you would like to contact him. I believe Bergdorf Goodman also has some available.
  12. Thank you, I'm actually in the UK :smile: I've got one in Dune which I love, but am so worried they wont be releasing any more colours :sad:
  13. Oh my apologies, I didn’t notice that! Have you tried sending a message to client services?
  14. It’s so pretty! Mine comes today!
  15. I got mine from Nordstrom :smile: