Celine Nano Luggage

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  1. :heart: My Nano collection. :heart:

    I’d love to add a Black Nano....they have one out now in lizard with smooth trim. I love it!

    Burgundy Goatskin with smooth Trim
    Tri-color (White, Smooth Brown Trim, Navy Suede)
    Kohl in Drummed Leather
    Coquelicot in Drummed Leather
    Sunshine in Palmeatto leather
  2. @MAGJES your colllection is stunning. At first glance I thought your kohl nano was blue, my phone screen is rubbish :lol: kohl is my favourite Céline colour ever (apart from my washed blue maybe) and it’s so versatile. Your collection is so varied - love it :hbeat:
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  3. I think you have pretty much covered the color spectrum with your beautiful collection. Feeling a little jealous!
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  4. Your collection is gorgeous!!! And the black Nano in lizard is breathtaking, hope you get it soon!
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  5. are you still looking celine nano? I have great celine SA at department store... he is so awesome
  6. I am still considering it! Which department store?
  7. Also, I recently dealt with a superb SA at the Beverly Hills Celine store. I’d be happy to share the contact info. She replied within minutes literally.
  8. OMG OMG OMG :ps: YOU are absolutely KILLING me lately!!! Say what w/ this pic?!! PHENOMENAL!!!
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  9. Thank you my dear! :graucho:
    I LOVE Nanos!
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  10. Me too! But alas, I don’t have one:crybaby:so I need to come help myself (steal) 1 of yours!!!
  11. yes on my handles (bag is less than a year old and purchased at barney. they state that is normal wear and tear when the bag was used handful of times.
  12. Wow omg!! Im waiting to get my hands on the first nano when i go to paris! This makes me want to even get it more!
  13. I’m on the hunt for a Celine Nano. I’m eyeing the ink one but I was wondering if it was offered in drummed leather with ghw? Or just smooth?
  14. I saw them in both leather, you might need SA who is willing to find you one. (Plus send you pictures)
    I have a great Celine SA at department store... he is very helpful
  15. Oh thank you!
    Kohl is such a unique color. In some lights it really does look blue....almost a steel blue.
    Washed blue sounds lovely!
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