Celine Nano Luggage

  1. I think Micro is the best size. I am in love with the Nano though. Cute
  2. Does anyone know if the green nano luggage is still available? I'm dying to get one!!! please pm me SA info if it's available
  3. anyone knows how much is a Nano luggage in Paris? Any good SA to recommend if possible?
  4. yeah thanks! i found that that two threads after i posted this but i couldnt delete the post anympre. hehe. thanks!!!
  5. ugh i want this bad so bad !!! going to check it out when i get to paris
  6. Love the purple one:woohoo:
  7. I just ordered a black nano! :yahoo: My first Celine!

    How is everyone shortening the strap? Should I have it professionally done, or is there a clever way to tie the strap so it still looks cute?
  8. Congrats! I had one but returned it, and now I regret it. IDK how people shorten the strap, but am curious to see if people respond. . .
  9. Please if someone can give me a contact to call so I can order one, I'd appreciate it. I'm so desperate for one that I don't really care about the colour!!

    NYCavalier, maybe you can help me, seeing as you just ordered one 2 days ago. I'd appreciate it!! Congrats to you BTW!! I'm so envious!!
  10. The last time I checked (Monday), Hirshleifer's has the Nano in black and a bi-colour one (army green suede/black). Ask for Penney.
  11. Thanks margaritas!!! :smile:
  12. That's where I got mine :smile: Penney is awesome, I buy almost all my Chanel from her... PM me if you need her email or phone.
  13. Nano owners, does the bag have feet?