Celine Nano Luggage

  1. Barneys they seriously have the best selection.
  2. Wondering if anyone knows what colors the nano will be available for the fall? And which stores will be carrying them in the US - I know of Barney's and the Celine boutique?
    Also curious about the strap - it looks pretty long. Is there any way to make it shorter? Thanks so much!
  3. im really holding off on another black or red bag - hence waiting for more colors on the nano.. please advise lady if you see a pop color nano anywhere!!! Thanks in advance!!!
  4. LOVE the Nano! my SA Dennis from the celine shop in nyc helped me find the Yellow! email him for colors. D.MEDINA@US.CELINE.COM
  5. I am from Australia, do you know where and what is the best way to source Celina Nano? Happy to buy online if it ships to Australia. :smile:
  6. If you are from melbourne, there's an authorized boutique called Christine along flinders lane which carries a wide range of Celine. They had new stock in a couple of weeks ago and i saw a few colours for nano. Not sure if they still have it since they dont last long on the shelves whenever theres new stock. Hth!
  7. How much can u actually fit in the Nano. Searched the clubhouse and never really found the answer. I'd the micro the next size up minus the strap
  8. Hi there! You should check out the following link: http://forum.purseblog.com/celine/whats-inside-your-celine-728184.html.

    There are several pics of items that can fit into a Nano. I just got my first this week and it is roomier than I anticipated.
  9. Thanks so if is roomier then if looks. Was thinking the micro but like the idea of hand held or strap and the micro has no strap that is the next size up then mini? Very confusing
  10. hi there, gorgeous nano! just wondering does your drummed nano have gold or silver hardware? thanks.
  11. I've seen a gorgeous lime-yellow one super cute once... But the tri-color and the black are gorgeous!
  12. Hi there! Gold hardware. :smile: And thanks! :smile:
  13. so lucky! gold with black is so chic! however my sales tells me that they only do drumed leather with silver hardware and smooth leather with gold :sad:
  14. I wanna buy nano or mini luggage but i don't really which one of it comes with strap ? and should I buy in Singapore or US ?
  15. I wanna buy nano or mini luggage but i don't really know much about Celine . Which one comes with strap ? and should I buy in Singapore or US ?