Celine Nano Luggage

  1. Well I figure if it's from Holt, it must be ok... Plus I've been working with the same SA in personal shopping for a long time... If they sold a fake bag, heads would roll, so I'm sure it's fine... Though now that it's been brought to my attention... It's driving me nuts, the no lining on top...
  2. Yeah, tell me about it.
    It really puzzles me why they have to make this bag differently from the others.
    It looks better with the leather trimming on top IMHO.....
  3. omg and here i thought i was a diehard fan..what is the diff with nano, micro and mini??
  4. Can't wait to get my nano in dune!
  5. :woot::woohoo:congrats!
  6. So I'm really torn between the dune and fluo pink nanos! I love the dune because it's a great neutral and all of my clothes are shades of blacked and grays, but then I'm seduced by the intense color of the pink! I love the pink, it's so cute and chic but idk what I would wear it with? I have absolutely nothing I could think of to wearing with it? Maybe all black with a pink bag would look decent? I just don't want the bag to look like a little girls Barbie play bag when I take it out lol. Any advice?
  7. With your neutrals it will give it a pop of color. I don't think it's Barbie-ish at all.
  8. I think your right! I think I'm just gonna wear my usual black and gray and then the bag will be a pop of color! I'm also thinking about getting a black and pink McQueen scarf to match the nano! What do you think?
  9. Would look uber chic! :tup:
  10. Celine Cobalt Blue Nano Bag

  11. Beautiful blue bag and it look really nice on you! Do you find you can put all your stuff in this bag? Any pros or cons on this bag? I am deciding between the nano and the micro but the micro bag does not have a strap for carrying over the shoulder right? TIA:smile:
  12. Hello ladies !

    How much is currently the Nano luggage in France ? Is it hard to find ?

    Thanks a lot !

  13. thanks!!!

    the cobalt blue color is stunning...hmmm well, it IS small so for a lot of people it may not be enough space for a day/work bag...

    for me, i dont carry much besides my wallet, keys, lip balm, 2 phones etc...and they go in here perfectly and the messenger strap is comfy and easy to wear...

    micro is a bit bigger than the nano and no, does not have the messenger strap but the handles on the micro are longer than the mini (micro is also smaller than the mini and lighter in weight as you may know already) so you should be able to fit the micro over your shoulder....

    best of luck!!!
  14. Hi, was wondering how much did you purchase that gorgeous bag for ?

    Thank you
  15. May I know where did you bought this from .
    I've tried Singapore but its sold out !