Celine Nano Luggage

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm very, very interested in the Luggage Nano - does anyone know what colors it comes in? I saw kelly green, poppy pink, tan and yellow at the Celine store in Milan (via Montanapoleone) and in black at 10 Corso Como, but I figured that there must be more colors available since the regular Luggage has many colors!

    Please let me know if you have seen other colors! I'm most interested in purple, if it's possible - any color purple is fine by me.

  2. what about micro Lilac?
  3. the tri color one as picture

  4. Thanks so much! The tricolor photo is currently my desktop photo :smile:

    The lilac is beautiful - do you know if I can get the nano in that color?
  5. I have seen a bright green at Apropos Köln, but are you sure you want the nano? It's pretty small.
  6. Yes, I'm sure I want the nano! I'm short and loved it when I tried it on :smile: thanks!
  7. I bought the green nano...and I'm tall. But, I think it will be a fun summer bag.
  8. Wondering how much this holds? It's so cute!
  9. HI there,

    I just received my Nano today in the color "Poppy." It is a tri-color with navy, red, and coral with tan handles. The other tricolor Nano I know of is called Natural, and is It also comes in black, mustard yellow, green, navy, and
  10. Forum timed me out and I had posted a bunch of pics of all the colors. Must go to bed but will correct in the am.
  11. HeathJo - can you do a shot where you show what fits in the bag? Congrats!
  12. Greentea--Sorry for not posting pics, but I am returning the bag and don't want to chance marking it up by handling it. There are so many cool pre-fall bags, plus I am dying for a blue bag, that I decided to take it back.

    I think there is a pick of a nano showing what all can fit inside it. I will find it and send you the link :smile:.

    If anyone is interested in this bag, I will be returning it to the Dallas Nordstrom's this week. I can let you know exactly when and have my SA reserve it. PM me if interested.
  13. ok, i may sound stupid for asking this but im so confused with the sizes soo here goes ...

    micro and nano - R THEY THE SAME?!!!!!
  14. Micro is bigger than Nano, see dimensions of celine luggages here :smile:
  15. just checked that out however do you know of any comparision pics between micro and nano? so micro doesnt have a strap right?