Celine nano luggage vs YSL nano sac de jour?

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luggage or sac de jour?

  1. Celine Nano luggage

  2. YSL Sac de Jour

  1. Hey guys! I am choosing between a grey croc nano sac de jour and amazone colored Celine nano luggage. It's my first designer bag and I want to be sure it will be a purchase I will cherish forever. Which one do you ladies think will go better with a relative carefree lifestyle and clothing? I wear jeans often *just to say. Thanks for ya'll inputs :smile:
  2. I'd recommend Celine over SLP. My SDJ hasn't been the most durable for my carefree tendencies. As another potential option, have you considered the Nano Belt?
  3. I have considered the nano belt, but it looks sooooo wide on my 5'2 frame LOL
  4. Also! Does the nano luggage hold its shape over time? I've seen some rather slouchy ones and my heart kinda sinks...
  5. I'd say go for the Celine! It's a lot more carefree and also looks a lot more carefree IMO, I feel like the sac de jour looks a bit grown up and chic. I also think the fact that the Celine has a zipper is always a plus.
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