celine nano in silver or YSL nano sac de jour or Balenciaga mini city ?

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  1. #1 Jun 19, 2019
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
    Hello everyone :smile:

    I'm finding myself in a very though choice since I can't decide which bag I want next (I purchased the Celine Big Bag in black veau grainé last year). I'm looking for a summer bag, grey or white, suitable for work as well as parties. The ultimate everdya bag in a way !

    Three are on my list and I cannot decide, can you help me ?

    - Celine Nano Luggage in silver : I'm concerned it's not really a "in bag" anymore and I feel like I've seen it everywhere. But I do really like the softness of the skin and the silver color : https://www.celine.com/fr-fr/celine-boutique-femme/sacs/luggage-2/sac-luggage-nano-modele-en-agneau-lamine-189243BED.36AG.html
    - YSL Nano sac de jour in white croc : does everyone own a nano sac de jour here ? Does it keep well ? Isn't the skin too hard ? https://www.fashionphile.com/saint-laurent-croc-embossed-calfskin-nano-sac-de-jour-white-souffle-323642
    - Balenciaga Mini city in grey croc (found on mytheresa) : I do really like this one but since I already own a Givenchy Antigona pochette in dark grey croc, I don't want the bag to be too close from what I already own. https://www.mytheresa.com/fr-fr/balenciaga-city-mini-croc-effect-leather-tote-1248032.html?catref=category

    What are you thoughts ?
  2. I looove that colour and croc print on the Balenciaga! It‘s so cute
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  3. With those 3 options, i'd go with YSL Nano sac de jour in white croc - it's the most classic of the 3 options.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the Nanos in sparkly gold or silver, seems like it'd be a real fast fad (and a bit gauche for me). The Bal City, in general, seems like it's slowly being phased out by the company, so again will probably look dated in a few years.
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  4. My first choice with the SDJ. I have one in white too but the baby size and it has such a classic design. 2nd choice is the Balenciaga. Also have this one but in beige and the regular size. It’s such an easy bag to use
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  5. thank you for your answers ! THe final choice will be between the YSL and Balenciaga. I have a ask a SA if YSL still go on Nano sac de jour in white croc, because it looks unvailable on the website...
  6. I'm late to the party but truly the silver phantom looks fresh and if you love PP and Celine, then you'll always love the Phantom since it was her first design for Celine. Rather than gauche, I think the silver and the small size make it a fresh choice. My second pick would be the white YSL- at a great price!!
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  7. Thank you for your help !

    I finally bought the YSL nano Sac de Jour. I've been very lucky to find one in stores since they were less than 10 bags left in France for this model :nuts:

    The color is everything :heart:

    sac ysl2.jpg sac ysl3.jpg
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  8. Gorgeous bag..I have a celine nano WONT ever give her up BUT DEF this croc YSL is next on my list..Did it come in a baby size?the white one?
  9. i can't agree with you more ! The color is perfect for it isn't a bright white white, more like a bright greyish white. So cute !

    Yes, it does exist in the baby size. I find the nano more versatile though :smile:

    Which color is your nano ? I'd like to buy a preowned one is grey if i find one.
  10. C
    Congrats with the purchase! The bag is gorgeous! Is SDJ comfy? Really like it, but it does not have a zipper and it's kinda pushing me back of the purchase
  11. The lack of zipper isn't very inconvenient to my eyes.The bag is really rigid and small so it would be difficult for someone to try to grab something in it without me to notice. I mean, I could myself have trouble to fit my hand in it ahaha. The soufflets on the size of the bag can expand themselves so there is more room to grab some stuff. I'm used to my Balenciaga A4 Mini Papier which has no zipper. But I'm very lucky since I take the subway everyday and nothing ever happened !

    What really annoys me is the lack of an inside pocket ! For the price of the bag, it's upsetting.

    Since mine is white, I store everything in a small pouch which fits inside the bag. It helps the inside leather to stay smooth and clean.
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