Celine nano belt bag serial number

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  1. Hello dear ladies! I've purchased this baby in Dubai recently but can't find serial number on it. Do all the celine nano belt bags have serial numbers? Thanks for your help
    IMG_7377.JPG IMG_7383.JPG
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  2. I don't have an answer to your question, but I just want to say that that is a gorgeous color! And of course I need to ask what it is called? Clay? Souris? Dune? Taupe?
  3. uh, why doesn't it have the celine logo on it where it should?
  4. Because of low photo quality
  5. I‘m not sure about the belt bag but I had the same issue with my new luggage. I was looking for the serial number and couldn’t find it. Turned out that Céline changed the location of the serial number on the luggage lately and no it‘s really difficult to see! They might have done it with the belt bag, too?
  6. Sorry for asking again but maybe you missed my question, what is the bags color called? Do you know? :smile:
  7. Might be Light Taupe but I‘m not sure
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  8. Hmm it looks a bit darker and "greyer" I think!? Is there anyway to check it? The receipt maybe? Sorry for asking this much but it's the most gorgeous belt bag color ive ever seen :nuts: Ive seen light taupe irl and that didnt look good on me. This might ofc be the same color, colors in pictues can really fool you. :doh:
  9. Yes the colour should be written on the tag that comes with the bag!

    You‘re right, it might be Souris because I have my Luggage in Souris and it has the contrast stitching like this Belt Bag does! Not sure if the Belt Bags ever came in Souris though
  10. Hi! I just bought mine in Portugal and can’t seem to find the serial number as well maybe there isn’t one in those bags since they’re pretty small
  11. I have 2 nano belt bags bought in a Celine boutique and in both of them the serial number is inside on the left hand side of the bag embossed into the suede near the side seam, it is not on a separate tab.
  12. Thank you!! Just checked mine and finally saw it :smile:)
  13. Thanks, I found the date code on my Celine nano belt bag too! Speaking of the code, mine has 2 codes, do any of you know how to read them? I will attach a picture even though it is low quality. The codes say W-AI-2198 and W-SL-3148. I know that the first and third tell me the week it was made and the second and fourth number tell me the year, but what about when the have two codes?
  14. I have the same question about two serial numbers. I’m considering purchasing a second hand belt bag and saw that it has two serial numbers. Does anyone happen to know what that means?