Celine mini or micro luggage?

  1. Hi all,

    Which would you recommend for someone 5'2? Anyone have experiences with both?

    Sorry if this is a duplicate thread, I did a search and nothing came up.

    Thank you!!
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  2. Hi, I have both the Micro and Mini and I'm about 5'0 - 5'1. The Micro is a comfortable size and fits all my daily essentials and still room for an umbrella or cardigan. The Mini is great for work it fits heaps! Daily essentials, cosmetics, iPad, spare shoes, clothes, even extra shopping, literally everything. It's great for work, travel and baby things. Mini is the classic Celine size that all the celebrities use, but it can get heavy if full. If you don't need heaps of space get the Micro.
  3. This is really helpful. Thank you! Do you have mod shots anywhere by any chance? Would you mind sharing with you fit in the micro? The dimensions are small but with the side flaps it seems like the right size for me. I was about to get a mini, based on dimensions but I really think the smaller one would fit my frame better because of the style.
  4. I'm about your size OP. Mini is huge. Get micro even if you have a lot of stuff. The mini is more for traveling or if you have a baby and use it as diaper bag
  5. Thank you so much!! Very grateful for the help. I am definitely not Celine diaper bag material :smile: I use a $100 skiphop bag haha. I wish I was though !
  6. Agree with @Miss World ... I have both sizes and I am 5 feet tall. The Micro is a perfect size for everyday with the Mini being great for days when I need to tote everything but the kitchen sink.
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  7. Thank you Addy!!! Micro it is!
  8. :wave:@amstevens714 ...sorry as I'm a bit late seeing your thread & seems like you may have already decided (?)on micro. I also have both sizes & LOVE both but for different purposes. I am 5'3" for reference. I first bought a mini for work purposes & it's a fantastic bag as i have to carry many 8 x 11" size documents, an ipad, & various other items. For some people this size may indeed feel too big, but for whatever reason i think tons of people can indeed pull off a Mini size & look super chic. I later bought my micro because i fell so in love w/ the mini & thought the smaller version would be great for weekend use or times when i don't need the larger size. When i tried the micro on, my Saks SA (who is also a part-time stunning model, & quite a fashionista:cool::biggrin:) had me try on both micro & mini bags, side by side & she was taking pics etc. Again, at 5'3" she felt (as do i) that the micro size is indeed better proportionally to my frame & really just a perfect bag size BUT i only caution saying this because if you need your bag to function for work purposes, the micro MIGHT be a little too small. I would just consider exactly what you need to carry & for what purpose....& if there's any way you can see them in person first/ & try them on yourself, that would be ideal. BEST of luck deciding. The luggage is such an amazing bag...excited for you!:flowers:
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  9. Thank you Kendie!! I foresee myself possibly owning both in my future :smile: honestly. I'm more of a small/medium size bag girl myself (I find the NF MM too big for me, for example). Based purely on dimensions, I wouldn't have thought the mini that big but in pictures on shorter gals it seemed so big, hence the thread :smile:. At this stage in my life, this bag is totally unrealistic overall lol. I'm currently a SAHM with a 3 week old and 3 year old. I see this as a get out by myself or date night bag, which won't happen often but won't require too much stuff. I couldn't imagine using this as a diaper bag because I'm too hard on them. I'm thinking the micro now, and possibly when I return to work the mini will be good to add too. Thank you again! I hope you don't mind me sharing the million details lol :smile:
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  10. I'm also 5'2". I'd just purchased micro in liquorice color couple days ago. It's perfect for our frame. Hope this help. Would love to see your new Celine in this thread
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  11. Based on all you just said i definitely think & agree w/ others that micro is a perfect size for you!! Excited for you getting this bag!!! Biggest :happydance::tup:CONGRATS on your sweet little addition to your family!! :heart::flowers::drinks:
  12. Hi all. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help! I couldn't decide so I ordered both and might keep both (doh ☺️). Just curious what ur opinions are. I will add that I live in a colder climate so jackets are worn 75% of the year. Thank you!! For future reference, should anyone find this thread helpful, I'm 5'2 about 120 lbs. lipstick red micro and black loved mini (lol)
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  13. If you can keep both do it! As they are both different sizes and colours. Red is such a fresh pop of colour whilst black is so versatile and classic. The black looks a bit slouchy but I am assuming you haven't put your stuff in there yet? It reminds me of a photo I saw a while back of Nicky Hilton with her black Mini Luggage and trench coat; very chic.
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  14. :yahoo::yahoo:Double YAY YOU!!:yes::yes::drinks::drinks: How exciting & I agree w/ @Miss World about keeping both if you can! Such amazingly chic bags in perfect color choices!!!:love::love::love:
  15. Yes, it's bit loved I think :smile: but no my stuff isn't in there. I think I need a shaper for it. I don't carry much so it's going to be swimming in there lol, but I love the black and the size. I love the red too, and am glad it's in the smaller size. Thanks so much for the help! If you don't mind me asking, if you had to pick one, which would you pick?