Celine Mini Luggage Tricolor or Givenchy Antigona Bicolor?

  1. Hi All-I recently acquired two bags--one Celine Mini Luggage and one Givenchy Antigona. I have a dillemma though--which one should I keep?? Or should I just save my money? I Am 24 years old and live in NYC. I have attached mod pics below--let me know your thoughts! TIA! :smile: (Excuse the messy room/mirror and poor lighting!)
    photo (62).jpg photo (63).jpg photo (64).jpg photo (65).jpg
  2. Both are lovely, but I'd pick the Celine because it'll be easier to keep clean. Love both though!
  3. I'd pick the Givenchy because it has a shoulder strap and because it has longevity, lookswise. IMO the Celine is really trendy and I see them everywhere in NYC, which is a turnoff for me personally.
  4. I choose the Givenchy simply because I prefer the style.
  5. I prefer the Givenchy, and agree that the Celine is a bit too trendy here right now. BUT, I also think the Givenchy, in that color combo looks like it should be worn by someone older than you.

    Yeah, I'm no help. Sorry..
  6. Celine for me. The luggage is very hard to acquire now. And it looks like a better maintenance. I prefer the darker face of the Celine.
  7. I normally would chose Givenchy but for these two I prefer the color of the Celine
  8. I prefer the Antigona since it has a shoulder strap and looks less trendy than the Celine luggage but I prefer the color of the Celine luggage.
  9. givenchy...timeless...celine, probably not for the long run...
  10. I think of the two, you suit the Celine more, but both bags are very nice.
  11. Definitely the Celine... You can always find Antigona, and loads of beautiful colors also. But Celine luggage is always hard to find!
  12. Antigona in black is just so gorgeous. You can get a black one later or whatever color you like
  13. I think the Givenchy looks better on you, and is also more timeless. Celine is very trendy and I keep seeing the robot face!

    I would, however, exchange the Givenchy for a different color. It's beautiful, but will be so hard to keep clean and fresh.
  14. The Givenchy!