Celine Mini Luggage questions: weight, color, size and feet?

  1. Hi ladies,
    I totally want a Celine mini bag. First, I love black bags, but I feel like I need to change it up. How do you guys feel about the camel color. Also, how's the size mini on a 5' 4" around 115 lbs girl? Also, I notice some have feet and some doesn't. What's the difference?

    Also, the weight of the bag concerns me. I've held it and it's pretty heavy. Anyone else feel that way?

    Thank you very much. Any info would greatly be appreciated ;)
  2. Hi! I just ordered a mini in camel after a ton of back and forth on which color to get. For some reason I'm not a huge black bag person bc I wear lots of neutral solid color clothes so use bags to add a bit of color/contrast. Camel is such a rich but neutral color that will look great with almost any color clothing in any season (camel and black are a stunning combo). Very versatile! I can post pix when I receive my bag. I don't have firsthand knowledge of the size yet bc haven't seen or held any Minis in person. Good luck making your decision!
  3. I personally like mini more and I'm only 5'3" since I like my bags big. Camel is a nice neutral color, goes well with everything. The bags from recently years have feet on the bottom if I am not mistaken.

    Weight could be an issue if you're not used to it. I find my smooth leather mini slightly lighter than my drummed ones.
  4. Accessorized! I've been looking for a CAMEL mini celine tote for a while now. Where did you get it? I just got the Dune Beige color as a second choice today, but I'm thinking of returning it as I have my heart set on camel. I would be truly grateful to know!

    Thank you!
  5. The camel color as well as the black are both wonderful. I think you don't make a wrong choice with either of both.
    I think with your size, you should be able to pull of the Mini perfectly. I am 5"2' and the Mini looks huge on be, while the Micro looks perfect on me. I have a thread for both of my bags when I got them. You can check them out for sizing if you like.

    About the weight. My pebbled camel Mini from 2011 is definetely lighter than my smooth Micro. Though the camel Mini is huge, it is so easy to hold as I can shoulder that bag, which does not work with the Micro. I carry my iPad in it, so actually the Micro can get pretty heavy, especially when you carry it in the crook on the arm. So I guess a Mini in that size might even get worse? Probable someone can report who has a smooth Mini. I still love those bags - they are so comfortable to stuff things in and get things out due to their shape!

    Good luck deciding!
  6. Hellybelly!! Oooooh the Dune is fabulous!!!! I was tempted myself by that color but couldn't find it easily available anywhere I looked. Is it drummed leather? I received a Coquelicot (red) in drummed from a fab SA at Bergdorfs and noticed that it seems a bit lighter in weight than the smooth leather, maybe b/c it's not leather lined? I sent it back today (regretfully) bc the red was not as "true" a red as I wanted. Anyway, the dune is a gorgeous neutral and the contrast stitching is such a nice detail! But if you prefer smooth leather with leather lining then camel may be the way to go. It's sooo rich in look and feel (and that all-leather smell...mmm)! I think the colors are not all that far off though - dune vs. camel. Your decision may really lie in "drummed vs. smooth w/ leather lining" instead. Drummed being maybe a little more durable than smooth?? I got mine from a TPF member (www.pursefairy.com or PM me for more details) but I don't believe she has any other camel Minis available at the moment. Good luck and if you have any other questions about the camel, please let me know! I'm happy to spread the love!
  7. Hi Pwecious! I just received my Camel smooth leather mini and totally love it. I was looking for a neutral that would go with almost any clothing color, including black (camel and black are such a fab combo to me). I was nicely surprised at how NOT large the mini seems when I hold it in the crook of my arm, although I'm not as petite as you are. If you already like larger bags I don't think you'd be overwhelmed by this one. It's not overly large but at the same time I personally would not take it out to dinner or girls night, KWIM? It doesn't seem heavy to me, although I will say the all leather (smooth with leather lining) seems a tiny bit heavier than the drummed leather version - not by much though. I have been carrying two MJ Stams recently which with their gold chain straps are WAY heavier than the Celine mini so maybe that is affecting my judgment on weight. I weighed myself with and without the Celine mini and empty it weighs only 2 pounds on my scale. With all my usual stuff (wallet, makeup bag, small LV pochette) it weighs in at 5 pounds. The camel Mini does have feet which I love and the leather lining is just soooo wonderful - I'm a sucker for leather lining! I'm sure it will need a tiny bit of attention to avoid any major scratches vs. drummed which may be more durable? If I had to summarize my impressions of this bag - my very first Celine - I would say it is extremely well-crafted and both understated and striking, all at the same time. Very classy! Hope this helps...I am already pondering buying another...maybe a micro in black smooth leather for day and evening use...
  8. Oops...wrong seller reference in my earlier post. Should be www.purse-fairy.com Forgot the dash in the name!
  9. I just read your 2 threads on the Mini and the Micro! They are so helpful! I have a camel Mini that's arriving later today and that was supposed to fulfill my Celine craving but now I'm starting to think about getting a Micro too LOL! Which size do you find yourself using more? Thanks!
  10. Hi, I dun know which season of the bag, can some help?

    ps: interior is flannel? velvet?
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  11. Sorry, I just read your post! I am happy, that my threads were helpful to you! :biggrin:

    I actually use the Micro size much more - I love it sooo much because the size fit me perfectly and it is so roomy that I can get everything in it I need. It also fit my iPad easily which I love! The Mini is superhandy as it has even more room and I love it when I am on my way and need to stuff my jacket somewhere - always enough space in it. But since I have the Micro, I definetely use the Micro more! But I am small (5"2'), so the Micro looks way more proportionate on me.

    How does it go with your Mini?