Celine Mini Luggage leather question...?

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  1. I am considering purchasing my first Celine a Mini Luggage. In my search I have noticed that some of the used luggage bags look sloppy at the sides and the leather is bent/saggy and misshaped. I would prefer a bag that maintains it's original shape as much as possible and hopefully avoids this. Could anyone give advice on which leather would be the best choice for this purpose? Thank you! =)
  2. I have the newer drummed leather and it's very structured even after constant use with no signs of slouching.
  3. Can anyone comment as to how the Camel leather luggage bags hold up?
  4. Hi Scoobiesmomma!

    I bought my Celine mini luggage in souris at the beginning of December. It is the drummed leather. I change bags occasionally but I always come back to this one so I have used it quite a bit since I bought it. The leather has softened a little but I think it has maintained its shape well with regular use over the last 8 months. Of course this isn't a long time and I don't know how it will look in a couple of years. But I can tell you that at this point it still looks almost brand new. Hope that helps.

  5. What a gorgeous bag and it still looks perfect! Thank you so much for giving your input, I greatly appreciate it. :flowers:
  6. Good to hear, thank you!
  7. My smooth leather micro has actually maintained its structure very well surprisingly! I have a shaper in it and rotate bags often, I also condition it when it needs it and don't overload it, I feel as though those are the general rules to any structured bag! My phantom is calfskin with some grain it's starting to get floppy though.