Celine mini luggage in Paris

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  1. Hi all
    I travel to paris next week, where I'm hoping to buy a celine (probably a mini luggage)

    I really live the belt bag but I think the clasp will irritate me

    I have a few Qs for anyone who has shopped celine in paris recently

    Is rue Montaigne the best place to start?
    What is current euro price of the mini luggage in a solid colour with pebbled leather?
    I think I want a pale colour, so maybe dune....
    But has anyone seen them in baby blue? Pale pink or a lemon colour recently?
    Which store likely to have best choice?

    Thank you in advance - any advice appreciated
  2. I just bought a mini luggage tote in souris color in Vienna Austria this past week while on vacation. It was 2250 euro.
  3. Thank you so much for your reply. Did you get smooth leather? Or drummed please? Congrats on your new bag.
  4. IMG_7090.jpg

    Not sure but I would call it pebbled.
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  5. Thank you. Yes that's drummed/ pebbled which I what I want. It's a beautiful bag thanks for sharing your picture.
  6. Tooooo beautiful!! I think Celine made such a winner with this bag.
  7. You should really try out the belt bag in person, the claps is quite easy as there's a bit of memory muscle that doesn't require much work. 99% of the time the flap goes outside or on top of the belt not under as pictured. I just pull down the flap and the clasp latches on.
    As for Celine locations, I have been to every single boutique or dept store in Paris, it really depends on what you're looking for. Each location has different inventory so you may end up running around. The Celine gals at Galeries Lafayette should be able to look in their system to see who has what and where for all of France. Not sure why other locations don't offer the search service, they could just be territorial about it. This is French for you, very rigid! I always have a soft spot for Celine Bon Marché, they get a lot of inventory but also sell out a lot too. It'd help if you don't speak French to have the item link ready on iPhone so they can check. Montaigne location is the mothership and the staff is nice, but to be honest I've purchased mostly at Bon Marché. Don't forget Celine outlet near Disneyland Paris, they carry primarily discontinued colors or styles outside of luggage, phantom, trapeze. I always have luck finding something essentially Celine that the rest of the world missed the first time.
    In April I went to Celine at Montaigne, Bon Marché, Rue Grenelle, and G Lafayette and outlet.
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  8. Thank you. This is really good advice. I would really love a very pale pink. I will make sure there is a pic on my phone.
  9. I was JUST there last week, and I bought the micro luggage in black! The staff at the Montaigne store was super friendly and helpful. They have more colors in stock that what is on the shelf. The Micro luggage in solid was 2250 EURO. I think the SA's name was Agate that helped me. They were super helpful and filled all of my VAT forms out which all went super smoothly. It's quite a good discount compared to buying in America. :biggrin:
  10. Ooh thank you.
    Do you know how much the mini luggage was please? In solid?
  11. There's the nano w the long strap 1,800 and the micro is the next size up, that's what I got and its 2250.. Is the mini the bigger version?
  12. Yes mini is the next up from micro. Don't know why they call it mini, it's not mini at all
  13. Hi, this season, I saw that Celine luggage comes in pale blue face with terracota wings. It's made of baby grained calfskin on the face, smooth black leather on the borders n handles, nubuck for the wings. Very gorgeous combination.
  14. The mini luggage in europe costs 2400 euro. I bought my black mini in drummed leather in antwerp a few weeks ago. Absolutlely love it!! Timeless and so avantgarde....
  15. Oh this sounds pretty. Thank you. I'm off to paris tomorrow,very excited