Celine mini luggage in beige or black?

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    Hello, I'm new to celine. I'm going to Hong Kong at the end of the year, and so I'm currently debating whether I should get a celine mini/micro luggage in black or beige. They're both such gorgeous colours!
  2. And does anyone know their prices? And would it be cheaper in Singapore, Hong Kong or Thailand?
  3. I have a micro in dune and love it! I'm thinking of adding a black mini to my bag collection as well. I love them! I think both colors are great. You can't go wrong with either the black or beige Micro or Mini.
  4. Have you got any modelling pics of your micro? I'm still debating on the micro or mini. The mini looks huge. I couldn't find good micro and mini luggage modelling pics in the reference or shopping threads.
  5. I have the mini in dune and it is the most versatile piece I have in my collection!
    I definitely recommend the dune color. I also tried the black but found it a bit too heavy looking (while it is still absolutely gorgeous).
  6. Hi, I'm a newbie. :smile:
    If you wear alot of dark clothing, get a Dune or a Beige. If you wear alot of light color clothes, a black would be great on you.
    But that's just my personal preference. Have you consider a bicolor black and white? Or black and beige?

    I have seen people saying that if you 5'3" or under go for Micro, it is more proportional to your body if higher go for mini.
  7. Yeah I'm considering a micro in either dune or black. I love both colours, but I have a long wish list of other bags I also want to get after the micro luggage! I'm contemplating between a black celine micro luggage then followed by a beige Givenchy medium antigona OR a black medium givenchy antigona and then a Dune Celine Micro luggage. Decisions decisions =/
  8. I'm actually have Antigona on my list to buy too. :biggrin:
    I would say a Dune Luggage and a Black Antigona. I love the Antigona in black, it gives that bold and tough image. Celine can be any colors really, but Antigona has to be black for me. I know there are 5 zillions black antigona, and I do dislike the common-ity. This case it's fine with me because with the beige it doesn't look as cool. :p