Celine Mini Box or Chanel Mini Square

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  1. HI everyone. I've been struggling whether to get a Celine Mini Box or Chanel Mini Square as a night out / evening bag:confused1:... I feel like Celine might fit my style better (tend to a bit more casual) but Chanel one looks really nice as well (especially with dresses). It would be really nice if you could share some thoguhts here. Thanks heaps! Cheers x
  2. Both are gorgeous, so I don't think you'll regret either of them.

    You can probably fit more in the Chanel mini. I got a mini with silver hardware (lamb), and I love wearing it with casual outfits! I feel like I can be slightly less careful with it too - whereas I do worry about getting deep scratches on the smooth leather mini box.

    You should also try the Celine mini on for strap size. I am super petite, and I feel like it's perfect for me crossbody and shoulder (two size adjustments). Not sure how it would look on a much taller person.

    At this price point, if I had to choose only one - I would get Chanel.
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  3. Thanks Joey! I'm super petite as well >.< btw, would you suggest lamb or caviar leather over Chanel one?
  4. Hi Clareleung - I don't own any caviar bags, as I generally prefer the look of lamb. Caviar seems to be quite popular for its durability, therefore harder to find. If I came upon a caviar mini, I might be inclined to purchase it to use as a 'daily bag' as it would seem to be more carefree! Depends on how bumpy it looks though... :smile:

    Note that the strap for the rectangular mini is longer than the square mini. I prefer the rectangular shape, so I just shorten my strap with a cable tie. Good luck deciding!
  5. Got it! Thanks again :smile: I think i'll need to go the stores and try them on lol
  6. definitely get a chanel square! I have one and it looks so chic, and elegant. Goes with everything! It's my favorite bag out of my woc, and rectangular mini. Square all the way!
  7. Thanks branstonpickle! Woo, seems Chanel all the way haha