Celine micro belt bag

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  1. 3F72D35A-6FFB-45A9-853D-C2A9943FCAA4.jpeg
    I purchased a micro belt bag in khaki today.

    But I am now wondering if another colour would be better..?

    Before going into the store I wanted the taupe but after trying it on I felt like it didn’t suit me. I like the light blue, khaki, Amazonian green and navy.

    Wondering if khaki is the right choice!

    960A538E-56E0-4ABE-BAA5-821D0856A3E3.jpeg 74E29374-7393-472E-8D61-ED6CE9A862DD.jpeg 1132A4C7-4B34-4AE6-976A-0B5E430AD6E8.jpeg
  2. I think Khaki is a great choice, it looks black under certain lighting and so will be a very versatile neutral bag! :smile: Congrats on your purchase!
  3. Thank you!!
  4. if you wear a lot of black and white, i think amazone green and storm blue match your outfits better.
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  5. I love the khaki! I think it’s a great choice. I have the micro in cloud and like it but don’t end up using it as much day to day as my taupe or darker bags that go with everything.
  6. I owned micro belt in khaki. I love the color perfect for fall.
  7. Khaki looks beautiful - right choice!
  8. Thank you everyone for your input! So happy now