celine micro belt bag insert?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm new here - recently got my very first Celine baby, a black micro belt bag, and to protect the lambskin lining I'm looking into getting an organizer. What are your thoughts on the fabric? Does it have to be felt? And what size should I get? The micro dimensions are 9"x8"x5" and most organizers I see online are around the 10" mark length-wise. Does anyone know if getting a slightly bigger/smaller insert will impact the shape of the bag? I really, REALLY love this bag so I don't want to get something too big that'll stretch out the bag or something too small that'll make it slump at the bottom corners.
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  4. Glad to hear! At the moment samorga takes a little longer then usual with delivery, but their organizers are very well made.

    my speedy ones:

  5. I have also gotten samorga for my celines and have been really happy with them. Enjoy your new bag.