CELINE Luggage Tote - mini, small and medium together?

  1. lufc_girl: Thanks for the comparison pic! Have the handles on your Luggage stretched? Because I tried on the same Luggage as yours at my local Celine store today and man the handles seem much shorter than yours! I had to carefully loop my hand through to avoid scratching the leather with my rings.
  2. The newer collections of Luggage bags have longer handles.
  3. I prefer the short handles but they are a bit too short for my liking so I'm hoping they do stretch! :yes:
  4. nice bag.... this bag still available? how much ? thank you
  5. Hi margaritas... to be honest I don't really know whether it streches or not... if it does it would be minor stretch since I didn't even notice it... I have to say my handles are quite short compared to my friend's handles... if I wear a watch it gets stuck sometimes... but they're not crazily tight or anything... if I don't wear any accessories they just slide on pretty easily...

    Below is the photo when the bag was in the store and the photo I took on Wednesday side by side... can you see the difference? haha I'm just so hopeless...


  6. ^^

    Thanks for putting the pictures together! Hmm from the pictures they don't look like they have stretched. Maybe I have big hands so it's harder for me to loop through? :lolots:
  7. :lol: does the one you see in the store have shorter handles than mine? Usually leather streches though... so I reckon you should be fine... :biggrin: I also like the look of the shorter handles... it annoys me a bit the first few times I carry it when I have a watch on... but I got over that... sometimes I just let my watchstuck between 2 handles haha
  8. Yes I thought the one I tried on has shorter handles than yours but I suppose they are same length! You're right, it's leather so it will probably stretch over time. But I find the small is much more expensive than the mini! :girlsigh:
  9. I got SS/2011 Luggage information from a seller, Hope help.

    Nano Shopper with strap: 20x20x10cm
    Micro Shopper: 26x26x14cm
    Mini Shopper : 30x30x17cm
    Medium Shopper: 38x40x18cm
    Shoulder Shopper: 37x30x17cm

  10. I just found someone has already posted this information, sorry.

  11. Thanks AmyShih, don't worry about it being posted, it was in a different thread so it's useful to have that info in this thread as well.

    I think the luggages do have different length handles and I highly doubt that they stretch.
  12. I was told by the SA that the mini comes with long handles and the small comes with short handles.
  13. Hi all,

    just came across this forum. I wonder if anyone can give their opinions. I have the opportunity to purchase either the mini luggage or the medium luggage (both in black smooth calf). Which one would you go for..i have to decide very soon.

    love the oversize look, but maybe not practical . should i go with mini size?
  14. the 'mini' isn't really - it's pretty much 'regular' purse size. The Medium is like a tote - comparable to a size 40 Birkin, or maybe size 40 Speedy but as tall as is wide. I have both. I have to be in the mood for a large bag to carry the medium
  15. does anyone know the price for the mini and the small both in plain black leather?