CELINE Luggage Tote - mini, small and medium together?

  1. Does anyone have a picture of them side by side? For size comparison? I recently obtained a small but while I'm still waiting for it, I just wonder whether it's that much bigger than a mini.
  2. ^I think it's significantly bigger and longer, based on the pics I've been stalking? :p Sorry I don't have comparison pics, but which one did you get?
  3. between the mini and small there's not much difference in my opinion... my friend has a mini and I have small size I can take a photo of them side by side but I will only see her next Wednesday so.. I don't know if you still want it by then... I've got slightly different info from different source about small and mini measurements but my SA told me my small is 34 x 31 x 18 cm... and the mini generally SA say 30 x 30 x 17 cm... so roughly around 4 cm difference in length and width and 1 cm difference in depth
  4. lufc_girl it'd be great if you could! It's so hard to tell from the internet! I got the small but feeling nervous, wondering if I should've gotten the mini! I'm 160cm.
  5. ^ I had the same feeling as you when I was waiting for my bag to arrive but honestly my friend is shorter than you I think she's 156-157 cm and she tried on my bag and she looks absolutely fine... but when I see her Wed I'll take pic of them side by side and post it here...
  6. This looks like the three of them together from my searching online of
    "Celine luggage collection"
    celine collection.jpeg
  7. Some SAs give different measurements depending on how they measure the width. On one hand it is measured from the bottom, while some others measure it at the top with the side panels extended
  8. ^Thanks for clarifying! Oooh... Is the python yours?! :drool:
  9. ^^ Not a problem. I was considering the python and the navy/beige, but went for the latter instead.
  10. Other than at Barneys, who else is carrying the Celine Luggage Tote? I stupidly passed on the Leopard one (yes - kicking myself), so now I'm just looking for a plain leather (Black, Brown or Blue) - the largest size possible (since I'm 5'10").

    Thanks much!
  11. posting these here, small & medium, for ref...

    courtesy of lvusr1



  12. Hi claypot... as promised here is the small and the mini as modeled by my friend... she's 157 cm... please excuse the dodgy bin at the back... there's not that much difference I think...

  13. Woo thank you! They're both lovely! Now I want a black luggage too! Sigh can't wait till I get my navy/beige. Thanks so much lufc_girl!! They both look great on you!!