Celine Luggage Tote in Leopard - PICS #1

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  1. Should I keep? Will I be able to use this forever?

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  2. Should I keep?

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  3. It's TDF but to me animal print is pretty seasonal....so unless you have lots of monies, you might want to invest on something more on the classic palette
  4. Keep keep keep.
  5. I have a terrible weakness for animal prints so I say KEEP!
  6. ^Agreed..don't think it is a forever thing...and I like this bag better in a solid palette- btw- every one keeps saying there bag is the "last one"- my SA at Barney's said she has the last one in the company- it seems the "last one" goes forever!! LOL...

    The bag looks great on you....but I would get a solid- BUT again, the choice is yours and you look great with it!
  7. ^ :yes: agreed... I don't know... maybe I'm the boring old lady but I think the all leather or combo canvas leather will look way smarter and classier... but that's just me... it could be because I usually experiment a lot with my clothes so I don't want my accessories to be too "busy" if you know what I mean...
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    Shoot...like the pic of it with you holding it.....stop asking...I like it the more I see it!! LOL!!!:nuts::nuts:
  9. I've been hearing animal prints were going out of fashion or "so last year" since 1983, so if you like it, keep it.
  10. Are there any of these bags still available in leopard print anywhere?:smile:
  11. ryrybaby12, you are too funny! I appreciate your honesty. It is an impossible decision. The all leather is GORGEOUS, but this is too, in its own way. Wish I had the option of both...
  12. SamMill2010, like ryrybaby12 said in another post, it seems like SAs like to throw around that it is the "last one" available in "the company". Probably a good sales ploy. From my research, you can get on a list at Nordstrom and Barneys if one is returned because they are not restocking. As for Celine boutiques, they have a waiting list, but would not confirm if they would get it back in stock. Those are the only places I know of stateside that carried the bag.
  13. So- question on the bag....are the straps comfy over the shoulder?
  14. I prefer all leather