CELINE Luggage Tote: Envelope vs. Zip

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Which 1?

  1. Envelope

  2. Zip (w/ curves)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. #1 Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2010
    function aside, which style do you prefer? pls vote and share opinions! thanks thanks!

    team> :P Vs. team> :oh:


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  2. Both are great but I just like the look of the one with the zip and 'curves' better.
  3. [​IMG]



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  4. i actually prefer the envelope style a tiny bit better
  5. it's not easy as I prefer the dark colors more, so from the pics alone, I lean towards the zip with curves. Both are nice, but that one seems to be more classy and still special.
  6. ohkaaay... still undecided... i think some of you already know that i'm on the hunt for orange. so if orange, what ya think?


    envelope is said to be a bright orange (a tad more yellow i think), while zip a muted one.

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  7. The zip, because the rest of the design is eye-catching enough, and there's only so much busy the bag needs. For me the envelope is "too much information," visually speaking. I understand about the envelope being functional, but in terms of sheer looks I like the zip much more.
  8. Both look good, but I prefer the zipper a little more.
  9. I prefer the envelope, but only because it reminds me of my Ralph Lauren calf Ricky bag which I just love. That said - they are both really really pretty.
  10. Zip for moi! the bag is already unique on its own, for me the envelope style takes away the over all simplicity of the bag.. the zip makes it more mysterious...as I said the envelope and key tag can also be seen on the suhali line of LV and H...the zip makes the bag mysteriously chic! less is more all the way, besides you already got a pop of color going on given that you like it to be orange.
  11. I thought I would prefer the envelope style but I actually prefer the zip on this model. They are both lovely but I think the envelope 'complicates' the look a bit...
  12. purse-nality, you know I won't be much help because I like both, but I have to admit that for the orange, I like the zipper version, but only because the leather is textured. Another item to consider - notice that on the envelope version, you have the snaps on the "wings". I like this added touch, but it does change the asthetic a bit and allows you to keep them intact or opened...
  13. I prefer the envelope. I love the practicality of it. I also like that it can be locked with a key and I like the snaps so that the bag can keep its "wing" shape. My anthracite is the envelope version.
  14. oooh... zip on the lead! more 'look' opinions pls! every say counts!

    good point!

    oh, the snaps can be undone? that's great! thought it was fixed... ya, the grainy leather are less prone to scratches than envelope's smooth calf... :thinking:

    mod pics pretty pleeezzzz!!! :flowers:
  15. I don't have it yet :graucho: