Celine Luggage or Lady Dior

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Celine Luggage or Large Lady Dior

  1. Celine Luggage

  2. Large Lady Dior

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Just found out that the price difference of Celine Luggage and large Lady Dior is less than 300 pounds. I like both but can only afford one. Which one do you suggest?
  2. I love the Celine. I don't really like the handles on the Lady Dior, which i also find very conservative.
  3. i love the Lady Dior, but for now i'm really loving the Celine
  4. I vote for Celine Luggage. I have Dior New Lock and love that. I thought I would purchase Lady Dior, too. However, I fell in love with Celine Luggage instantly. If I purchased another toto, I would buy another Luggage in different design.:smile:
  5. ^^^ Agree w/ above. If it had been the new lock, then the Dior. So I voted Celine luggage.
  6. classy lady-like or edgey chic -which don't you have? anyway, voted for celine.
  7. Celine Luggage. I love the Lady Dior too but only in the medium size.
  8. Celine Luggage, hands down...the Lady Dior is truly beautiful as well, but less versatile if you are in search of a bag that can be used in more situations - which is the whole point of purchasing an "investment piece" like Dior or Celine, IMO. :smile:

    Plus...I am OBSESSED with Celine lately!!!! :heart:

    Phoebe Philo is brilliant.
  9. Celine for sure....love the bag. Which are you thinking of?
  10. I am just like you!! i vote Celine hands down, cos it suits my style (i am not too dressed up ) and i love what Phoebe has done to the brand..she's the best!:yahoo:
  11. I like both but I would prefer one which I can bring to work everyday. Lady Dior would definitely raise eyebrows if I carry it to work.
  12. Definitely the Lady Dior. Such a beautiful timeless tote.
  13. I like Lady Dior better, it looks so luxurious.
  14. I was at the Dior boutique at Marina Bay Sands yesterday. Tried the different sizes of LD as well as patent and non patent. The patent ones look prettier but I was wondering if they will turn sticky after some time.
  15. I haven't had an issue with patent becoming sticky in the past, but I don't have any experience with Dior bags. It would be a shame if that happened.

    I voted for the Lady Dior, I think the shape is a little more classic than the Celine.