Celine Luggage Inner Labels - Did it get changed since 2010?

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I noticed that the inner labels for the Luggage totes differ since back in 2010 - this was how it used to look like:

    And this is how they look like for the new season's totes -

    Can anyone confirm this? Thanks :smile:
  2. you may want to check this thread to compare some of the details
    generally, we don't discuss specifics or what's been changed and/or added as there are lurkers amongst us that could use the info to improve the quality of fakes. There have been several variations of the markings inside the bags since the Luggage first came out, as well as differences between the grainy and smooth and drummed, solid colors and bi- and tri-colors

    There are lots of pics scattered throughout the sub-forum though, so you should be able to clarify the details you're looking for