Celine Luggage Dilemma

  1. So I recently fell in love with the mini luggage tote. I want one in Black and it doesnt appear to be too difficult to find in my area. However my dilemma is that I have been waiting for about 8 months now for my first Birkin. I am first on my SA's waitlist, so as soon as she gets one to sell I am the first one she will offer it to (this is a black with ghw 35cm for referece). I had seen tons of pics of the Celine but I never loved it until I actually saw one in person and felt the lovely leather, it was love at first touch. So now I am unsure what to do. I can get the Celine pretty easily but I am still on the list for a birkin with no firm date in sight when I will receive it. I also know that for the month of August the Crafstman in Hermes take the month off so not much gets produced, it seems like the earliest she may get me the Birkin would be mid Sept if not later, at this point there is no guarantee. Should I get the Celine now, or continue waiting for the B and just get it when I can get it?

    What do you all think I should do?
  2. Birkin!
  3. Does buying a celine now prohibits you from buying a birkin? If you buy the Celine and can't afford the birkin any more, then I would wait for the birkin, otherwise, buy the celine, if you love it as much as you say, you will use it everyday and wait less anxiously for the call from your Hermes SA.
  4. Both. The price of Celine is one fifth of a birkin. Getting a birkin in September is the most optimistic assumption. They indeed have lots of birkin behind the store, you can never know when they will offer u one.
  5. Oh that's an easy one for me. Buy the Celine, enjoy it, wear it. Then if you get the Birkin you can sell your Celine on eBay and get pretty much what you paid for it - it's like trying it out. But I promise you... You'll like the Celine and want one in Cobalt blue, Coq Red, Camel, then the moc croc phantom and so on....
  6. It wouldn't necessarily prohibit me but if I buy the Celine this month and I get the birkin call in the same month it would be a tad tough, but I think I can make it work. My biggest fear is I man up and buy the Celine but then my SA magically gets a birkin. That whole concept of not knowing is what is bothering me. I mean at the moment my Hermes SA is on vacation so I think I have at least a couple weeks before she will have one for me, or the more likely scenario is that I will be continue to strung along for a at least a couple more months.
  7. That might be the solution. I called around today and so far no one has the smooth black one with gold zipper but two of the stores get shipments on Wednesday so it might be available them. I don't think it will be super tough to get the black because I already saw it in one store once and I called another one and they did have it, this was like two weeks ago. So I had two chances to get it already.
  8. I know for a fact my local store has been getting birkins and Kelly's in but the issue is the lottery system and my request for black with ghw. My SA hasn't got the black with ghw to sell yet. She may have other colors but I am not on the list for those colors, even if I ask for another color I may not be first on her list. I know for black with ghw I am first on her list, she showed me her wait list. She had 14 people on it so when she gets it, I have to take it if I not there are 13 other people who will take it. Also if I pass up her birkin offer I may not get another chance for a while, which is why I have been holding out for a new bag from any other designer for a long long time. But the celine really spoke to me which is why I am seriously considering it.
  9. Everything that they said! :p especially with the price of a Celine being a fifth of a Birkin. Get the Celine, the leather is so gorgeous and you probably wont sell it if and when you receive your B
  10. So...,,,what did you get?? We are all waiting!! ;)
  11. I bought a tri color micro, I did a separate reveal thread but I just notices the edge peeling off of the back panel and some glue visible. I am going to Barney's in the morning so I will see what can be done.
  12. Oh no I hope they can fit it
  13. That's awful - I thought for sure you would be thrilled with the Celine. I still think you should get a mini or a small phantom...just saying! I'm sure Barneys will repair or replace your micro - personally I'd return it and upsize to a mini :smile:
  14. Update: So I went to Barneys this morning, they dont have the same tri color micro in stock nor do they have any solid color minis. I ended up returning it. I guess I will just wait it out for a mini in black. I am on the wait list at several places.
  15. this sounds like a sign to me to wait for the birkin :smile:
    but i hope the celine comes your way quickly as well!