CELINE lettering wearing off on outside of luggage bag...anyone else have this prob?

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm reaching out to see if anyone has had a similar issue with a luggage bag. Various spots along the seams of my nano were peeling off, so I had Neiman Marcus send it back to Celine for repair. It took 8 weeks for me to get it back, and when I did, the seaming was restored perfectly, but now there seems to be a new issue. I could tell as soon as I took it out of the box that the leather had been conditioned. But somehow now the lettering is worn off in the second half of the Celine label outside the bag. I'm thinking maybe the conditioning took this off. But it is strange to me that Celine would use a conditioner that would do this. If anyone has had similar issues, I would be grateful to hear about them. It just doesn't look the same to me. I hate to give it up for another 8 weeks to be repaired again -- is lettering even something that can be repaired??? TIA for any info.
    IMG_0704.JPG IMG_0708.JPG IMG_0705.JPG
  2. I think that would be kind of expected. I don't think they would do anything for that, I could be wrong.
  3. I've had this bag for less than a year...
  4. umm. the stamping is kind of obvious! I would rather have this repaired and wait for 8 weeks than having to look at it but can't do anything about it! Hope you will get it resolved!!
  5. Oh no. I definitely intend to have it repaired. Just annoying to have to wait that long again. If anyone knows if the stamping can be fixed, I'd love to know.
  6. I have the exact same issue with the peeling along the seams and the lettering fading!

    Unfortunately I live in Australia and purchased it while on holidays in the US so wouldn't even know where to begin to get it repaired?

    Sorry I'm not helping just wanted to vent.

    Do you know how they fixed the peeling?
  7. I don't have the answer either but I am worried the lettering will start to come off mine too. It's such shame for a $3000 bag :sad: if someone knows how this can be fixed, I live in Australia, please let us know! X Ta
  8. Hi I'm bumping this again bc I just bought a new to me cabas that has the same issue. Does anyone know if celine can repair the logo & basically "re-stamp" it?
  9. i have the same issue with my celine nano. I know this sounds funny but i search like crazy for a matching silver marker that is thin enough and restored it myself. It looks exactly like it did when I bought it :smile: I used a paint thin marker from pen touch.
  10. I am so sorry about your bag! I would want it repaired too but such a pain to wait all that time. I'm surprised they wouldn't check that before sending it back to you it's quite noticeable. It's for sure worth calling them.

    On another note, is this the pebbled leather or the drummed? :smile:
  11. Know this has been some time, but can I see how it turned out when you repaired it with a pen? Celine doesn't seem to restamp. It's so frustrating for such an expensive bag! Thanks!
  12. I have the same problem with my blue Celine trifold in pebbled leather. Not sure when it started (I bought my bag in the fall) but I’ve noticed recently the silver Celine wording seems faded with certain parts of the hot-stamped logo coming off too.