Celine Le 16 Bag by Hedi Slimane

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  1. Celine has introduced this Celine Le 16 bag as the first handbag design from the Hedi Slimane collection. It’s already been worn by Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga.

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on the bag?
    435CFD37-70B0-4A05-9885-545611A594C3.jpeg 864729BD-BEA9-4540-9B64-90835B8709BF.jpeg
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  2. Seen here on Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga and Asian celebrity Lisa.
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  3. More pictures of celebrity singer Lisa with her Celine Le 16 bag in black.
    3C255457-918E-4996-8E64-CA3EBD439550.jpeg 03775200-964A-4F41-B58A-3A7853D373AC.jpeg 749613E4-BCD6-4541-A24A-C18BCA8348DC.jpeg
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  4. Lady Gaga wearing the Celine Le 16 bag in black. She was one of the first celebrities to wear it.
    9CBF4ADB-56B2-4C4A-BA92-A13E4A59A515.jpeg 5DB58D57-1205-46E8-9CC5-27D5980EF6E5.jpeg
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  5. French actress Catherine Deneuve with her Celine Le 16 bag.
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  6. Angelina Jolie carrying her Celine Le 16 bag in black.
    1C25DB1A-CFF2-4F64-A3A9-64A6C98E6AEA.jpeg 938A1957-A331-45C7-9379-A5DAC383902D.jpeg
  7. Lady Gaga looks nice here with her bag.
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  8. Asian stars carrying the Celine Le 16 bag
    24940905-0A16-4BBC-8374-1F8F23008FC5.jpeg 3DA805D6-B877-4F0E-ACEF-7AEB84A71F81.jpeg
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  9. One thing it has to be said for Slimane, he has the right contacts.
    I find it hard to believe that Catherine Deneuve would not rather carry a Kelly... btw, mega scratch showing in her bag.
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  10. it looks huge on the celebrities.
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  11. but it's definitely the best among all new Celine bags by Hedi. :P
  12. Looks like a kelly but with batman hanging upside down as the flap. (I can't unsee it) Looks really big on celebrities and they're all taller and larger in size (except BP's Lisa) than I am so it'll look huge on me. And I'm not a fan of the $2k price jump between the average Celine bag by Phoebe and this one.
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    I agree I’m not a fan of the price jump! It’s one of the nicest bags in Hedi Slimane’s collection but nothing can compare to Phoebe Philo’s designs. Also I think most of the celebrities are wearing the Medium size which looks huge, I think small would look more proportional on most.
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  14. Not for me... in my opinion its a bag for ladies, maybe for someone in their 50s or 60s.
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    I think younger people will rock it too because it looks like a vintage bag. It's the 30-50 that may have trouble. Have to either dress-up (al la Gaga or Dita vT) or go go mega-casual and literally just chuck on