Celine interior lining...confused

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  1. Hello,
    I'm a newbie to Celine and decide to take the first plunge buying my first micro or mini luggage. I prefer solid color version. Correct me if I am wrong...after doing some research from this forum, I understand that all smooth leather luggage bags come with smooth (lambskin) leather lining and drummed/pebbled luggage bags come with faux suede lining, right?

    I couldn't be sure. I asked my Celine SA and what she replied was "each luggage comes with different lining, depending on styles, seasons" :cray: I didn't think it was an answer at all.

    Can anyone confirm me regarding the fact or if it was discussed before, please kindly direct me to the thread? I still hold off my purchase until I know for sure.

    Thank you.
  2. As far as I know, all the drummed leather Luggage bags have "PL" linings, or faux suede. The smooth Luggage bags have lambskin/leather linings. I believe the leather Phantom bags ( a/k/a Small Square Luggage) are lined with actual suede (calfskin), while the suede Phantoms have leather linings (I think those are calfskin tho, not lamb). Maybe that's what she meant by different styles/seasons?

  3. :ty::ty: