Celine Indigo Mini Luggage

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  1. A couple months ago I got a Black drummed leather mini luggage with silver accents and I love it. So was thinking of getting another one in a different color, more specifically indigo blue. The indigo now comes in drummed leather as well. Do you think that it's a wise decision or would the bags be too similar. I am conflicted and have to make the decision by tomorrow.
  2. Honestly if you love it go for it. I have just purchased the Indigo mini luggage in Indigo. The color is so vibrant ! A deep purplish blue! It is truely a vivid color since black is a neutral. I have only 2 mini and both in drummed leather (souris and indigo) that doesn't bother me since drummed leathed is more durable and carefree. You can see my indigo one in my avatar. Good luck with your decision.
  3. Thanks, appreciate your feedback. Was thinking that the black and indigo were a bit similar in color in the sense that they are both darker colors. It is a gorgeous color though.
  4. you are welcome! :smile:
    The indigo isn't dark at all. A bright purplish blue.Very close to the previous royal blue but with a purple undertone. For me it is really different from black and go so well with blue jeans!
  5. I'm trying to decide between this and the new Prada twin bag that just came out. The Prada bag i assume will be easy to find at anytime, but these celine luggages can be difficult to find at times especially in specific colors.
  6. L!ovely bag, enjoy it
  7. Got it!
  8. Got it!
  9. Oh!!!!!! Congrats! Do you love it? I do love mine:P
  10. Thank-you. Yes I think I made the right choice.