Celine in Paris


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Dec 13, 2006
I was just there in August and last week. I went to the Montaigne location as well as the ones inside Bon Marche and Haussman. I also went to the men's only store as I needed the silver Tiomphe belt and they had more sizes there. Montaigne was a great experience, nice stock and everyone is friendly. I would say while I got everything I wanted, there is a reason I went to all the different boutiques, I purchased: Cuir Triomphe bucket, 2 sunglasses and 3 belts and I was only able to get 2 items at any one store.
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Nov 12, 2021
I went to different stores multiple times (Le Bon Marché, rue Duphot store, rue de Grenelle store, Le Printemps) and had a great experience everytime whether I purchased something or not. SA were all very nice and helpful. The store manager at the Duphot store is absolutely amazing, so nice and makes you feel very welcome.
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Oct 26, 2012
Can't help with the actual question, but I wouldn't trust Google reviews on luxe stores in general. They include people who are oblivious to the brands or luxe shopping in general and then write bad reviews/complaints about irrelevant things, e.g. "The doorman wouldn't let me in" (not understanding that there is a queue and wait for other customers to come out), "No one wanted to sell me a Birkin" (having no clue about how it works) etc.


Nov 30, 2016
I just got back yesterday from Paris. The price savings is amazing - it’s about 30% cheaper.
The Avenue Montaigne store was my favorite. It’s their flagship and the customer service was great. They didn’t have some of the stock I wanted though because I think a lot of people shop there. There is a new store on Faubourg st. Honore opening next month. Next to Rue Duphot store. Duphot had better stock in my opinion but you queue a lot longer in my experience.

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Apr 5, 2019
I’m in Paris now and visited the Samaritaine location late Thursday morning. No line, great stock, and friendly service! I was really nervous as I’m primarily an online shopper, but they offered drinks and such making it fun. Tip! Sign up for the Samaritaine loyalty card when you check out, extra cash back to use on other purchases!


Oct 31, 2022
Following this thread as I’ll be in Paris in May and since our hotel will be in St Honore I want to check out the new FSH store. I want to pick up the Clutch on Chain since it will be $200 cheaper.