Celine in Paris (help please)

  1. Well, now you know what size you like better! I think the trapeze is nice but I don't love it now, maybe in the future :smile:

    I love the luggage, I think is very clasic and beautiful! And the leopard one is just beautiful!
  2. Hi girls, can anyone tell me whats the price in Paris? (nano, micro, mini and trapeze) Thanks :biggrin:
  3. ^ nano 1200 euros, mini 1600:smile:
  4. thank u😊
  5. Hi all, anyone in Paris now? How is the stock there for luggage?
  6. Are they still carrying the coquelicot or dune luggage? Mini and micro. Thanks in adv!
  7. They are still.
  8. May I know how much is the trapeze in Paris
  9. Got a small trapeze in Paris last week of July for €1400. The tax refund was €168.

  10. Which store did you go to? I'm looking to get a luggage tote while I'm there in 2 weeks! I can't wait!!!!!
  11. I went to the temporary store very near the Avenue Montaigne shop, which is under renovation. Hope you find what you're looking for!
  12. Does anyone know if there's stock for a red large trio in Paris? Thanks! :smile: