Celine in Paris (help please)

  1. There is...I flew back on AF to NY in Feb and there was a small little kiosk boutique there...I not remember the terminal bc we got switched last minute. Mostly small leather goods/no RTW, no super-popular bags, or at least nothing that really caught my eye...still it was definitely Celine, at CDG!
  2. I got my mini at Bon Marche so I would recommend it! I went first on saturday but wasn't sure about getting a Celine or a Chanel, they had two mini's then. I came back on Monday around 12 decided to buy my first celine and one mini was gone but the SA told me she had just received new bags, so she showed me a gray, a red and the citron I ended up buying :smile: So I think is good to be there early in the morning. I also went to Colette and they had some luggage's there too. Good luck and show us what you got when you are back from Paris :smile:
  3. Thanks for the info, I have arrived at the apartment! It is soooo cute, very "chi-chi" parisian.
  4. Thanks, I'll check out there! :biggrin:

    I saw a specific colour combo (trio) somewhere and I was wondering if any of you knew what it was called. Its blue in the center, black trim and handles and taupe wings/corners whatever they're called (Celine newbie giveaways,haha.)

    Also I was wondering if any of you knowledgeable types know the colour combos that come with suede middle sections? TIA!
  5. Terminal 2F. Yes, a small store but depends on your luck. I did see 2 luggage there on Sat night
  6. Try the store at Grenelle as well. Few blocks far from Bon Marche. It's pretty well-stocked and few people there.. Good luck
  7. Ok I will :biggrin: I like the sound of "few people there"! Thanks!
  8. I'm new to Celine too so cannot help much with the names of the bags you are looking for :smile: I went to the Grenelle store and they only had display bags but you can give it a try :smile:
  9. I'm shopping today :biggrin: going to celine this afternoon, wish me luck
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  11. :lol:
  12. Sorry guys!! My son was playing with my iPhone!!!
  13. Haha it's alright :smile:

    just going to printemps, but I keep being lured away by Chanel lol
  14. How did it go Miss Cherie? Did you get a Celine? :smile:
  15. Sadly, I did not! :sad: I did try different sizes on though (they didn't have my colour combo but there was this AMAZING croc phantom with orange piping ( i think? ) at printemps. Sadly i'm to small to pull it off!
    I never really took any notice of the Trapeze, until I saw it IRL. I think I might want this instead of micro now! I tried on a mini, micro, and nano, and for me the middle was the best fit :smile:

    But I know for Spring 2013 (which hopefully comes out just after november) there's a leopard luggage, and atm I'm trying to find out if it comes in micro or not..

    But I'm pretty set on the small trapeze now :smile: I'm so indecisive!