Celine in How to Get Away with Murder

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  1. Just started watching this show and the lead Annalise Keating rocked Celine in every episode! Great writing but it's so awesome to be able to spot Celine in the show too. She carries it so well and I look forward to seeing her bags and outfits in every episode!

    So far I've spotted Black mini luggage and a beige phantom and some dresses.
    Anyone else watches this show?
  2. I do and I get excited every time I spot her bags!
  3. Same here! Love when she carries her Céline bags!
  4. She's making me lust after a black mini luggage so badly. Lol. I wish I work corporate.
    And her dresses! Oh my!
  5. I love the way she rocks the bag.
  6. Thats why her arms are so toned, it's from carrying Celine bags
  7. Too
  8. I kept looking for her Celine bag in every episode LOL
  9. Love this! Gonna start watching just to spot the celine bags! :smile:
  10. Celine is also on show "Selfie" :smile:
    selfie (1).png
  11. Note: The bag on the Selfie girl is the phantom, not mini as shown beside it. :P
  12. Saw a black phantom on how to get away with murder
  13. Yes I get so excited whenever I see her carrying it. I love the show too
  14. Lol I love your comment, I think I better start carrying my mini more lol :P
  15. They use one on girlfriends guide to divorce too!!!