Celine in Calgary/Canada

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  1. I'm visiting from NYC in about a week and am interested in a goatskin large trio. Does anyone know where Celine is sold in Calgary (Holt Renfrew? Nordstrom?) or anywhere else that can ship to another Canadian address, pricing, and any SA information? Thanks!
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    Holt renfrew carries them. When I brought a luggage tote in early May they did have the goatskin trio. I was just there last Thursday and I didn't notice it there anymore but I can send you my SA's info if your interested. Btw no place in Calgary carries Celine except for holt. Which province is your Canadian address? Just wondering cause I have a few times been to the holt in Vancouver and Toronto brought stuff their but had them ship it to the Calgary store (where I live) and that way I avoided paying the 15% HST tax and because Alberta only has the GST you only pay the 5%. But if say your shipping from Alberta to Ontario I'm not sure how the taxes work. In any case if you find it here just pick it up here. :smile:
  3. Thanks, @NanciFanci! Please message me know your SA's info. I'm visiting BC and AB and had no idea on the GST (as someone coming from the US =P). It would be easiest if I could pick it up at the Calgary store.
  4. Holt Renfrew Calgary has A TON and I mean A TON of Celine bags. My guess is that they flew off of the shelf until oil dropped and now they aren't selling as fast.
  5. Yes they have a nice selection....and that is probably true as I have noticed within this year their display for celine has gotten bigger as they aren't selling the bags as fast as they use too.
  6. I stopped by this morning. There was indeed plenty of styles - like the small vertical cabas in 4-5 color ways and a glass case of about 10 trios in both sizes but only in lamb skin. The SA said she's never seen it in goatskin. I'm going to hold off for goatskin.
  7. Hi, just curious since I'm planning on going to Canada. I'm from the US, and I was wondering how taxing works when shopping in Canada as someone from the US, specifically for the Celine [or luxurious goods in general] if theres a forum where you can point me in that direction would be great too! Also do you know the pricing for the trios in CAD? Thanks!
  8. If anyone could PM me SA info for anywhere in Canada, I'd appreciate it. I'm looking for a specific nano or belt. TIA! :smile: