Celine Icon Satchel

  1. Great score! I like Celine bags in general, but I don't own one yet. Glad to see the stalking paid off!
  2. Ooh, I like it! What a steal.
  3. Congratulations, gorgeous bag! There is hardly anything worthwhile left on sale at the NM website, but I'm still checking once in a while in case I get lucky like you. . .
  4. Wow..did you get lucky! Love it...have the Celine quilted boogie in olive and love it...great quality and very chic that new bag of yours..enjoy.
  5. I did get lucky.:p Can't wait to see it? It will be here Monday.
  6. verdine2.jpg
  7. lovely bag! I keep wishing for a clandestine -- my dream bag.
  8. I like it!
  9. I am sending mine back. It is too "briefcasey". Something's off with the proportions on this bag.
  10. i don't own any celine but have thought about purchasing one a few times. love the colors, styles and prices seem reasonable. Sucks I missed out on this one what a deal $700.
  11. I am sending mine back tomorrow. It should show up on NM website soon. But, I was disappointed with the bag. It looks more like a notebook or laptop case than a purse. And the Leather is not too great either.
  12. This is at Neiman's Last Call in Austin for $237, if anyone can or wants to grab it!