Celine horror story

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  1. I found a reseller selling an electric blue nano in Taipei. I stupidly deposited money in her account. When I received it, there were a bunch of red flags. The tissue paper that printed Celine looked like it didn't dry on the other side and double printed, the authenticity cards were blurry and the fake receipt looked worst (purchase price of 1350€, did not make sense), like someone printed it off their home printer.

    But I checked everything, the zipper markings were there, the stitches looked legit, but the smell was awful, it didn't smell like leather, smelled synthetic. So I called the reseller, she asked me to take it to Celine for 'service.' So I did, they wouldn't even look at it. I was almost in tears. I contacted the reseller and told her what happened, when she refused to refund my money Bc she thought my insecurities were buyers remorse or just a bad feeling, I told her I would go prefer to meet at her local police station to resolve this matter. She kinda freaked out then asked me to ship her the bag and she'll refund me later. I refused, I told her that it was not acceptable. In the end, she agreed to refund me immediately and when I checked my bank records, I would then ship it back to her.

    What a freaky nightmare, I couldn't sleep the night before or even eat in the morning. I was holding back the tears.

    Please beware! It was an awful experience. Stick with your gut feeling, if it doesn't feel right or too good to b true, it probably isn't. I'm really lucky to have gotten my money back, things could've been worst.

    I'm posting some pics of the bag, to show u guys how real it looks.
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465370032.423372.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465370101.476272.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465370232.943005.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465370440.196849.jpg

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  2. What an awful experience :sad:. I sympathize with you.

    The main thing is that you have your money back.

    I know if i would buy my Celine bag one day it will be in a Celine store directly even if the price is higher.

  3. Couldn't agree more!

    Just had to share my story, some ppl aren't as lucky as me. Just b careful!
  4. Wow!!! So glad it all worked out in the end but what a nightmare you had to go through!
    Hopefully this won't turn you off toward Celine and you can go to the boutique and buy a new Nano soon :smile: Best wishes!!!
  5. I'm glad you came out whole and glad you didn't fall for the "send it back and I'll refund" because having paid cash for it, you probably wouldn't have seen your refund.

    Insisting on going to the police department was very smart.

    While I know it's quite common in Europe (and other countries?) to pay by bank transfer, I would never EVER recommend it because it gives you absolutely no protection.

    While most people are honest, you are still dealing with strangers and you need to protect the person who is most important to you -- and that is YOU!!

    Now for my own information and curiosity, I have questions.
    1. Was the bag listed somewhere online?
    2. Did she send you pictures? (If so, I might be able to find whether she's still selling or the source of the seller's own purchase
    3. Does the seller sell on ebay or another online site?
    4. What is the seller's ID?
  6. BTW, did you happen to notice the differences in dates on the fake receipt?

    On the left (under sales memo), unless I'm misreading, it shows the date as 05/01/2014 but on the right, the collection date is 05/01/2016.

  7. Not turned off from Celine but a crazy experience. I don't mind paying a little more from someone I actually know than a stranger.

    Thanks, hopefully I'll have a reveal soon!

  8. Transferring money is so normal here, you're right, no protection. I should've purchased it through yahoo bid(that's how I found her) but I was saving her fees.

    1) the bag was listed on yahoo bid, which is similar to eBay, used by locals.
    2) she did send me pics and they look so legit, even the bag looked so legit in person, it had all the markings, the number on the inner zipper, the suede interior, even the hot stamp logo looked identical to my own Celine bag. It was the packaging, smell, blurry documentation and invoice made me feel uneasy.
    3) I don't think she uses eBay bc she only types in Chinese, I could b wrong.
    4) I'll share her id tomorrow, it's somewhere in my computer.

  9. I did! And whose credit card expires in 2091?? Insane! I think it was scanned and printed. And they always tell u to sign your invoice. The high end boutiques in TW always require a signature, agreeing to their terms.

    The bag was such a high quality dupe that it really did pass all the 'how to spot a fake Celine.'

  10. If u look at the invoice, you can totally tell they used cheap printer paper Bc you can see through the back side.

    The date and collection date is the same, it looks like a 4 Bc it's folded.

    I wish I took a pic of the strap ring clasp, it looks identical! Crazy!!
  11. Glad u managed to get your money back. It's horrible how people cheat for money these days.

  12. :smile: I know!