Celine gift box for box bag

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  1. Hi all,

    Does celine always have a gift box for box bag? My friend recently helped me to buy a box bag from Europe but without a paper box.

    I saw some photos online that the paper box has the sticker with info matching the bag Color and code. Is it like one box for one celine box bag ? Or it’s more like gift box they keep at the bag ?

    Any chance i can get one at another shop? My country doesn’t have celine shop but I will visit Asia soon as wonder can chance I can get one from their shop

    Thanks all.
  2. I got one in singapore recently. No paper box.
  3. Oh ! Is it the new logo box bag that came in black dustbag ? I wonder is it something new. The older version seems come with a white box
  4. I was told they wanted to do away with the box packaging. I got the new logo classic box in Nov last year, the SA had to look for an old box packaging for me.
  5. I just bought a box bag in London (new logo) and the SA informed me he had one white cardboard box left if I wanted it (with the old logo on it) so I assumed the newer bags come without storage/gift boxes. He must’ve had one just left over and I didn’t mind that it was an older one so I took it [emoji4]
  6. Yes mine has the new logo with black dust bag.
  7. Yes, I recently got a box bag and it was the same. I almost freaked out for a second because mine arrived without a box and in a black dust bag. I contacted DF, which I knew is a reputable store and Celine immediately because I thought I got a fake and they confirmed that the bags no longer come in a box and they have been phasing out the off white dust bags and replacing it with the black ones. Celine did inform me that depending on what bag it is the only time a box comes with the bag is when they deliver it to you, but they were referring to the box you would stick a shipping label on.
  8. I only got a dustbag with my purchase, no box! Can confirm.
    Really wish they had boxes though.
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