CELINE forum please

  1. hi hi moderators! i would love it if you could make a CELINE handbag forum :yes: i always have to search for celine threads when i need some info. TIA:heart:
  2. Hear, hear! :yes:
  3. I don't see that many Celine threads.
  4. oooh yes! I second that idea! I love celine bags. A new sub forum would be a great way to learn/share more info about them :yes:
  5. I completely concur...!
  6. Hi

    why not have a Celine Thread ? as you all know Celine Handbags are well known for their quality and designs ...

    Celine handbags are one of the most Luxury handbags in the world...

    Celine brand has a long history starting from the 40's , has always amazing designs classic and seasonal

    I know everyone knows Celine , I shouldn't speak about it that much ... But I'm surprised to see new brands have threads , and Celine is not there

    I vote strongly for a Celine thread !!!!:dots::tup:

  7. we want celine thread !

    why not ?
  8. Mira, I assume you mean you want a Celine sub-forum? If you do a quick search, you will notice that there isn't much discussion on Celine. Therefore, I think it wouldn't warrant its own sub-forum. You can always start your own Celine thread or join an older Celine thread in the general handbags section.
  9. there's not nearly enough conversations/threads for Celine to warrant giving it it's own forum.
  10. yes
    I mean
    sub-forum for celine

    I think its not only about conversations ! like other sub forums soe of them have low very low conversations

    I think we need the celine Sub fourm for Refrence , libary ,,a place to refer to
  11. there's just not really a need:shrugs:
    We had to close Dooney & Bourke because of inactivity. . . it wastes our bandwidth.
  12. I really think it important
    especailly for as i said for referance and documantion
    ...all about Celine ...
    we can have all styles , colors by season
    I think we do need it
  13. :yes: I understand you think that ;)
  14. I have never heard of Celine. And I've never seen anyone discuss it. :shrugs:

    You can do a thread in Handbags similar to what Tano and HH and Linea Pelle have and see if there is anyone who wants to join you. People in those threads post reference photos and such.

  15. !!!!!!! how old are u ? what brands do u know ? Alot may not have celine bags , but no one doesn't know celine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused1: