Céline, for the Boys

  1. Looks great! Love the bandana in the front pocket
  2. I know a bunch of the boys in this thread were looking for the bigger luggages. So I figured I'd let you know that yesterday, Barneys Seattle had a beautiful black smooth leather MEDIUM luggage. I think it was $2600 but I'm not 100% sure. It was awesome. I almost got it but felt silly with it as I'm 5'1 lol
  3. ^thanks for the links. i'll be attaching the pictures for ease of viewing! cheers.
    DSC_1412.jpg.scaled1000.jpg hm stripes 2.jpg DSC_1416.jpg.scaled1000.jpg
  4. OMG!!! How did i miss this thread???? These boys are rockin the Celines so well, i can't believe Celine bags are lookin CRAZY gorgeous on guys too. I'm having so much fun browsing, please keep the pictures coming... I love it!!!:woohoo:
  5. ^thank you! here is myself with a small luggage phantom khaki in the new stiff leather. for those who are wondering how it looks like. i personally feel it is too small. :sad:



    keep the photos coming!
  6. Hi, whats the measurement of your small phantom?
    And how big is the big phantom?
    Thank you
  7. i love this color...... its so whiskey looking! is it camel??
  8. it is tagged KHAKI on the paper tag attached to the bag. it's quite an interesting colour. not quite greenish but more brownish/greyish/mud tones. but appears to be quite green but not jungle green in brighter lights. we need a colour glossary!
  9. Is it new??
  10. My friend acquired it late December in HK so I assume it's from the Resort 2012 line. I'm attaching another pic of it in warm lighting.

    I have not seen it in the stores here in Singapore or any mention of a khaki phantom here in tpf so I guess the colour is rare? It is in the new stiff leather as well.
  11. OMG the blue is so STUNNINNGGGGG!!!!

  12. I think I saw this color in Bergdorf this weekend. I remember having not seen it before. Love it though.
  13. Omg. I've replied thinking it was about the phantom. Only realised its for the small luggage! I don't know the exact colour. Did Céline ever released a cognac colour? Looks like it.
  14. Yes! Did you remember how much it retailed for? It's a really versatile colour. Wish there was a luggage version in this colour!