Céline, for the Boys

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  3. I have this bracelet as well. ADORE!!!
  4. Oh nice! Do you mind sharing how much you got it for? Don't think my local store ordered this variety! I'd like to purchase one from a store that ships internationally if possible! It's almost perfect!
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  6. Hi there - of course. I paid $455 USD for it. My local Saks in Atlanta has it. And the thicker cuffs as well. I'm sure the Celine boutiques have it as well.
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  9. come and visit! I'll be happy to be your tour guide :smile:
  10. Hi there. I'm looking at a similar bag. Can you tell me about it? Is it super heavy? Would you reco not carrying heavy things in it? Thanks so much, it's stunning!
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  12. Less is more, always! :smile:

    ABL boy with his Luggage Phantom