Céline, for the Boys

  1. All these boys & there Celine... iNSANE!!!!! In a good way... I love it more & more.
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    Various Sunglasses
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  5. HI, i wonder what shoes do you wear
    thank you
  6. I'm sorry but that is not a picture of myself. I have no idea.
  7. ohh ok, thank you
  8. Luggage Nano, Mini, SC 1732, his collection of Céline goods.
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  9. I love this thread SO MUCH.
  10. Love this thread !!!!!
  11. hi,
    Im going to buy celine nano from deluxemall. I knew u bought ur celine from store. So can u pls send me some pic of ur celine nano ( Code number n zipper...pls). I want to know that bag i will buy authentic or not. Tks a lot.
  12. Hello there! To expedite the matter, I would suggest you post directly into http://forum.purseblog.com/celine-shopping/authenticate-celine-please-read-rules-use-format-post-353733.html and get a few opinions from our treasured authenticators there.
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