Celine for $150? Any recs?

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  1. I have a credit from the boutique for $150 and I wanna use it but don't know what to get.. Any recs? Wonder if they even have anything for that price lol
  2. Probably not but you can find a zip bi-color pouch or something to put it towards! :smile:
  3. How much do those cost? :smile:
  4. You can search under the shopping intels thread but here is what I found:

    Solo 3 zip pouches in Orange $890
    Flat clutch pouch - bi-color Nude/Navy $470
    Zip wallet - bi-color Nude/Navy $550

    Price may have gone up though.
  5. Oh ok.. They're expensive lol I was thinking more like a keychain lol

    Thanks though! :smile:
  6. LOL - to be honest I doubt there's anything at Celine that's under $500 these days!
  7. Too bad.. I really wished they had a tiny key chain shaped like the luggage tote :smile: kinda like the Coach keychains LOL